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Shoshone Lake trail

located approximately 6 miles west of Lander off of Baldwin Creek Road . This pretty popular road for the locals offers 13+ miles of easy to difficult riding with some spectacular views. The first 9 miles of the road gets progressively tougher with Mexican Pass being a nice stopping point about half way in. Great view off the rimrock of Mexican Basin below. The “Chutes”, just beyond Mexican Pass , offers the first challenging area. The road and headwaters of Mexican Creek are literally one through this area and it’s like riding through a really rough cobble stone street. Earlier in the year, it’s a great place to get a little wet. The Chutes roll into Cyclone Pass which sits at about 9,600 ft. This pass sits over Shoshone lake and offers a beautiful view of not only the lake, but of several peaks of the Wind River Range across the basin. From Cyclone Pass the remaining 2-3 miles down into the lake are definitely for the experienced rider. The road turns into a boulder field with a pretty aggressive grade to it. Great place to test the limits of both you and the machine. Trails around the lake are somewhat limited and, again, can be pretty tough to navigate through. The fishing is great though; with 12” to 18” lake trout.

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